Breaking: Liberal gov't looks to include sick & mentally ill children in assisted suicide rights

by Eric W.

Opinion: A Motto

Since the passing of Bill C-14 into law in June 2016, the Liberal government has asked the Council of Canadian Academies to futher explore medically assisted euthanasia. LifeSiteNews reports some of the additions being looked at may include "euthanasia for those suffering with mental illness, those who wish to produce an “advanced directive” asking a medical professional to kill them after they have potentially lost the mental capacity to request it themselves, and euthanasia for children—currently being referred to as “mature minors.”

This is a particular scary move by the Liberal government. With the recent talks of gun control, and now the exploration of furthering euthanization rights for human illnesses to include children - without parental consent - the Liberal government's direction of Canada is becoming alarmingly similar to Hitler's Nazi Germany - but in a more insidiously subtle way. It is worrying to wonder what action the Liberals will take next. We now, more than ever, need to be on alert.

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