"Just give the word"

by Peter L.

Saskatchewan Separation: A Pivotal Role

"Just give the word, Admiral"
"Mr. Scott, the word is given."
Star Trek II

Anyone with even a cursory observance of Canadian current events involving our head of government, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, can be forgiven if they feel Canada is drifting into oblivion.

It used to be that political differences were conducted in a generally congenial but mildly aggressive way and that the only certainties in life were death and taxes. Today, the only certainties are uncertainty and division. Politicians of all stripes are eager to point out differences between them by using different words to say the same things. When pressed to answer what politician "A" would do about pipelines, he would adopt a proud stance and commit to pipelines but his opponents are to blame for delaying any progress. Politician "B" would also adopt an equally proud stance and say that because politician "A' has made things difficult so there would be delays in building a pipeline. Politician "C" would also call a scrum and with steely resolve would say that "A" and "B" did ….. Well, you get the picture.

The Polite Separatist says...

Through inaction and blame, no action is required.

And so it goes. The likelihood of the West's energy resources being developed in any meaningful way fade more and more every day. And as if this is just not enough to chill the sternest of Westerners, the government sees absolutely no issues with the plethora of foreign organizations pumping millions of dollars in many so-called "environmental" groups whose sole purpose is to keep Western energy in the ground. But to who's benefit? The ocean? Which ocean? It would appear that only the west coast of Canada is worth protecting. The Atlantic coast is expendable and allows regular passage of super tankers from Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and the United States. Sorry, Peggy's Cove, no one cares about you. All those lovely maritime villages and the Bluenose, you're just a waste of time. It's the Strait of Juan de Fuca that is vital to Canada and the world!

Reasons abound that support Western independence. And as we go forward it is increasingly apparent that the conditions the eastern Canada have imposed on the West will not appreciably change, regardless of who is in power.

At present we are in a situation where some 8 thousand direct jobs have been lost due to the ineptness of the central government. We are being fed platitudes about how "pro oil" the Liberal government is while more and more legislative hurdles are being placed before us to create a climate so hostile to any development that it becomes certain that no investment will be made in the foreseeable future. More unemployment is sure to follow.

But surprisingly, the Liberal government is more concerned about "gender issues" than the economy of Canada. That is to say, the economy of Western Canada. Quebec dairy farmers and Ontario car makers are a top priority and evidently don't suffer from gender problems. Perhaps the proximity and numbers of voters have a lot to do with this? Heavens, no! Our Prime Minister is one of us! He skis at Whistler!

Western Canada has not had a fair shake from Ottawa since Confederation and it doesn't make much difference who is running the show. Remember Stephen Harper? Well, I would submit two points for my dear reader. First, He could not have been elected in 2006 had the Liberals not imploded with the Sponsorship Scandal. Even then, he got in with a minority since the east didn't really trust a western conservative. And his subsequent terms were simply because there was nothing else to pick from. This brings me to my second point. If Andrew Scheer is elected, it will be simply because Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have messed up so badly that even Liberals don't want him. And he has to be astoundingly bad to get the media, especially the CBC, to not cover for him. This is unlikely.

And Scheer will have to perform for those that really run things in Ottawa and Quebec if he wants to do anything at all! So what will change for the West?

After 150 years of complacency, being manipulated through various means and pulling at the heartstrings in a situation more akin to the Stockholm Syndrome than real national pride the West is starting to awaken. Time to stand up for an independent West, where the fruits of our labours benefit us, where we can deal with others with the clout of a country, not a vassal province.

Time to move forward. Time to make our own future.

The word is given.

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