Gun control: disarming the law-abiding majority

by Eric W.

Saskatchewan Separation: A Pivotal Role

On August 28, 2018, PM Justin Trudeau directed the Minister of Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction, Bill Blair, to study a full ban on handguns & assault rifles. The move comes after recent shootings in Danforth (shooter Faisal Hussain) and Quebec City (shooter Alexandre Bissonnette) with intention to prevent future gun crime. What PM Trudeau has not incorporated into his case for gun control is its effectiveness. After review of each of the previous cases, there is two notable angles that the PM has ignored to invest attention to - illegaly-purchased firearms & the neurological state of the shooters.

In the Danforth shooting, a source confirmed with CTV News that the handgun used in the attack was, "likely obtained from a gang-related source". Police also seized more than 30 guns at Hussain's brother's apartment in Pickering, Ontario within a few days of the attack.

The Quebec mosque shooter, Alexandre Bissonnette, legally purchased his firearms that were used in the shooting but a deeper look into this case is worthy of determination in the case for gun control. Bissonnette confirmed with investigators that he had suffered from depression since an early age of 14. Three weeks prior to the attack Bissonnette was prescribed Paroxetine which was to replace the Fluvoxamine pills he was previously prescribed. Warnings about Paroxetine on state, "This drug has a black box warning... This is the most serious warning from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)... paroxetine may increase suicidal thoughts and behaviors, especially within the first few months of treatment... This risk is higher in children, teenagers, and young adults." Bissonnette's case is not a first. Numerous gun-related cases in recent history are beginning to tie to the common thread of neurological medicine.

How will Justin Trudeau prevent future crime by disarming law-abiding citizens? (Because, yes, that's the vast majority who will be affected). Will gun control prevent black market purchases, gang purchases or the smuggling of firearms into the country? Even the city with the some of the strictest gun laws in all of the United States - Chicago - had 4,000 victims of gun-related crimes in 2016.

It would be unwise to conclude without remembering the ugly side of gun control throughout history. We must never forget what can happen when governments disarm the public. "Stalin, Lenin, Hitler and Mussolini were all able to seize power because the people were defenseless to do anything about it." These are only a few of the cases where gun control led to the death of millions.

The only ones we can trust to protect us is ourselves. Leaving the entire protection of ourselves and our families in the control of the government is a slippery slope - are you willing to take the risk?

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